Padideh Sirjan Pistachio company owns high quality Pistachio Gardens, storage and packing facilities in Sirjan, a city known for its great climate for prime pistachio in the world. not every climate in the world, or even in Iran, can perform such quality to its Pistachio trees. We double the advantage of such gift with expertise and profession in growing these valuable fruits carefully.

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The regular packing is 50 kg or 60 kg gunnies, and particular packing is 25 kg gunnies. 10 and 12 kg cartons are also available based on the customer order.


Pistachio nuts are packaged in, among other things, cartons (pistachio kernels), cartons, poly sacks (10 - 12 -15 kg) and more Packing are also available based on the customer order.

Airtight packaging is ideal because pistachio kernels readily absorb moisture from the air, so becoming limp and because oxygen promotes rancidity.

Commercial Packing

Pistachio packs are available in 20 kg cartons or bulk in 50 kg sacks.

Small Packing

Pistachio packages are available in 250g. to 2kg packs.